Arty activities to share in our communities

A couple of activities we can share with our neighbours

During the time that our church building is closed for group gatherings we thought it would be lovely to find ways to let our local communities know that ‘we are still church’ – amongst other images this is a message that we have placed around the building so far (see banner above).

You can add your pictures and messages too!

Print and colour a ‘Thank you Key workers’ poster

We’re running a bit of a fun competition but one that we hope will also bless our communities. The cartoonist Dave Walker has produced a couple of ‘Thank You Key Workers’ colouring pages. We thought it would be a great way to send a message to the NHS staff and other many key workers who regularly pass by our church or your homes.

  • Go to the following website and download the colouring sheet (you can choose one with NHS or a blank one in case there are other key workers you would like to thank). CLICK HERE to go to Dave’s website. Contact Louise if you would like a copy that is already printed
  • Please, please, please make a donation using Dave’s TipJar on his website (a great way to support free-lance artists at this time!)
  • Colour it in and take a photo/scan and email to Andrew Graystone stating the name of the artist and their age (or just ‘adult’ if you’re an age-shy adult). There will be 3 or 4 age categories (including adults!) and Andrew will source a suitable ‘judge’ for our competition
  • Email Andrew by Sunday May 10th Feel free to send them after this date if you don’t want to enter the competition
  • Why not put your finished picture in your window or outside so that other people can see it?

We will be printing your pictures, laminating them and attaching them to the fence outside church. You could do the same for your street!

Prayers and Rainbows

You’re also invited to write prayers, messages of hope, or pictures and rainbows that we can laminate and tie to our church fence to brighten our neighbourhood, and to let our community know that we are still church and we are praying with them.

There’s no deadline for this one as it’s not a competition, just send photos or emails with your words and pictures to Nicole

We have already begun to find ways of communicating with the neighbourhood around church and passers-by. Simultaneous to this a new crossing has been built across Plymouth Grove (see below) and people now crossing are greeted by our rainbow on the allotment fence. It would be great to add your messages and prayers too!

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