How to connect on Sunday mornings and other gathered worship

Sunday mornings: At this time, our Sunday morning worship and other gathered worship will not be taking place in our building. Instead we will meet each Sunday morning online via Zoom from 10:00am (service starts at 10:30am). For those unable to gather in this way we will be recording the services and will make these videos available to people. Arrangements have also been made for people unable to connect digitally. Don’t forget to check worship resources for Children and Young People too.

Connect on Sundays: We will be online from 10am for about 90 minutes. Services will last approximately 50 minutes with some time to chat before and afterwards. The services will be recorded and slightly edited and made available on our Facebook Group and YouTube Channel or by request.

Click the following link to connect to Sunday services each week.

Meeting ID: 459 507 906
Password: 608015

Other gathered worship: In addition, there will be other times over the next weeks (or months!) when we will gather online to worship and celebrate Christian festivals, grieve and lament together, celebrate and remember holy moments in our lives and find ways to worship wholly well. We will let you know links for these if they differ to the instructions above.