Young People’s Groups and Activities

Bowling 2020


A space for young people in school years 7 to 12 to explore and grow in the Christian faith.

See below or contact a member of the Pastoral Team for more details

Parental Consent Form (2021-22) CLICK HERE to complete online form

Current Programme

(Last updated April 2nd, 2022)
May 21st, 2022. Contact us for more information

Note about NYI meetings during Coronavirus: Youth Work is viewed as an essential service and specific guidance informs this area of our ministry. We closely monitor Government guidance via the National Youth Agency.

NYUK Summer Camp

Every summer the NYUK South District organises a Youth Camp aimed at school years 7 to 12. We’re waiting for news of the 2022 holiday and will post it here ASAP.

More details to come from the District. Check the NYUK Facebook page for more updates or chat to one of our NYI leaders or Pastoral Team

NYUK Houseparty and overnight events

The NYUK South District organises an annual ‘Houseparty’ or occasional over night events – a weekend or evening of fun, games, and worship (and not much sleep!).

Details available via the NYUK Facebook page prior to each weekend event. Aimed at school years 7 to 12.