Meet the Team

Many of our ministries are run by volunteers and wider leadership team.

Some of our leaders have assigned ministries and serve our church in particular ways. Here are some of them…

Pastoral Team

Revd Dr Steve Birkinshaw

Minister and Pastoral Team Leader (Chair of Trustees)


Revd Nicole McConkey



Revd Louise Kenyon



Phone: 07400 935523

Church Board (Trustees 2020-21)

Our Church Board is a part of our wider leadership team as they oversee governance matters and the vision of our church and ministry. The Board is elected annually at our AGM and consists of volunteers who hold their elected post usually for a period of one or two years.

  • Dr Kent Brower
  • Jane Graystone
  • Revd Dr Svetlana Khobnya
  • Jenny Mackay
  • Modester Moyo
  • Dr Peter Rae (Treasurer)
  • Revd Dr Dwight Swanson (Secretary)

Church Stewards

Our Stewards are a non-elected group of volunteers who manage our building and other practical areas of ministry.

Chair of Stewards: David Brylyn


Wider leadership Team

  • Revd Lynn Mclean Birkinshaw (Church @4)
  • Stephen Healer (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Melissa Heggie (Sunday School and Hospitality meals)
  • Angela Foster (Sunday School rotas)
  • Revd Colin McConkey (NMI)
  • Kathy Swanson (Coffee rota/hospitality)
  • Ian Raza (Night Shelter)
  • Simon Crane (Night Shelter)
  • Jamie McCulloch (Hangout Kids)
  • Jenny Finnlayson (Allotment)
  • Revd Dr David McCulloch (Men’s Breakfasts)

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