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Create a worshipful setting…

Create a space to worship

We know it can be difficult to worship via Zoom. The most fundamental shift to make is moving from watching to participating—from passively observing a produced service to fully engaging as an active worshipper. Whether you’re in a room on your own, sat on the sofa, or surrounded by children, here are some ideas for each Sunday through Advent to Epiphany to help us create worshipful spaces and intentionally participate in worship.

Ideas to create your own Advent Wreath

Our Advent Wreath and Weekly Prayers: Create your own wreath and follow along each Sunday as we light an Advent candle during our worship. Elizabeth has kindly made our wreath again this year and you can see snapshots of this below!

Advent Wreath Instructions
Prayers for each Sunday of Advent

Colour in your own paper Advent Wreath: Cut out and colour your own paper wreath and follow along each Sunday as we light an Advent candle during our worship. Follow our Sunday prayers (above) or these shorter prayers. Our NYI youth group are having a go at this!

How about a stone Advent wreath? The evergreens of a traditional Advent wreath can symbolise a range of things connected to the Christian journey and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus – in particular the everlasting life we have through Christ. This year, if you can’t get out to get any greenery or fancy candles, how about this? (Don’t forget to add the centre Christ Candle!)

An alternative if you can’t find any greenery

Create your own Advent candles: A safe alternative using ELECTRIC tea lights and paper!

Advent in a jar: An alternative Advent calendar

You can download the templates and instructions here but will need to think of some new activities to adapt to current Covid restrictions.


By Jill Aylard Young

Advent Word: Meditate on a different word each day from the image below through Advent. Pray and ponder this word. Maybe create something to express what this word means to you during this season of waiting. Perhaps take a photo, write a poem or a song, put that word into action, or simply ask God to deepen your understanding.

Find out more

Daily reflections: Follow the short daily readings and reflections from the Advent to Epiphany book from Nazarene Theological College (NTC) Manchester.

Advent to Epiphany book 2020

Available to buy from NTC CLICK HERE

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